New Year has come…Time to look at your and your family’s financial networth

Well another new year has come and it was a great one for me and my family. Now it is back to grind. This is a great time to sit down and see what bills you have especially from the holidays times. If not already it will be aparant how the holiday was a joy but also how much it cost. There is an opportunity to view your mortgage costs as well. Take a look at the whole picture and consider how using the equity in your home can benefit you.

By refinancing at a lower costs the payments will be much more manageable. My firms rate are quite good and they are as follows: 1 year fixed 2.75%…2 year fixed 3.20%…3 year fixed 2.99%…4 year fixed 3.65%…5 year fixed 3.49%…6 year fixed 4.65%…7 year fixed 4.75%…10 year fixed 5.15%…Variable mortgage Prime-.90% = 2.10%. As always check my website for updates at Hope you all have an awesome New Year.

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