Mortgage and Real Estate field still good to be playing in right now!!!

I saw this article of quite importantce:


United States•   A compromise on Federal 2011 tax policy was reached this week between the White House and congressional Republicans •   The package surprised markets, and prompted forecasters – including ourselves – to upgrade projections for next year’s growth •   The plan provides an important source of short-run stimulus •   However, one must remain cognizant that the proposals are rather short-term in nature, and do nothing to address the US government’s longer-run debt challenges  

Canada•   Optimism surrounding the U.S. economic outlook beginning to materialize.•   Near-term U.S. economic growth bolstered by fiscal and monetary measures.•   Will be good news for Canada’s export sector.•   However, this week’s interest rate announcement and the release of the winter issue of the Financial System Review highlight that the Bank of Canada is firmly focused on the balance of risks rather than near-term growth.•   With heightened sovereign debt concerns, the elevated Canadian dollar, and uncertainty regarding the global outlook weighing against record high household debt levels and relatively sticky inflation, the Bank is caught in a delicate balancing act.

So far as reading the summarized information it seems okay. The real estate and mortgage field is a good place to play no matter the season. I suggest you consider your situation and then make a decesion on why you want or need to be in the real estate or mortgagegame. Right now to make things a bit more smoothly my firm is still offering a great Variable Motgage at Prime – .90 = 2.10% and a wonderful 5 year fixed from as low as 3.40%. So if you are still in need of some unbiased consultation feel free to contact me at or call me at my Toronto office at 416-431-6662 or the Durham office at 905-723-0527 and we go over your situation together.


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