How To Turn Your Huge Home, Car And Credit Card Payments Into Spendable Cash $$$

Double Your Monthly Spending Money

By Freezing Up Monthly Cash Flow You Don’t Even Know You Have!!!

Here’s the Home Financing Industry’s Newest Secret:

You can take Tomorrow’s Home Equity and put it in your handIn Cash Today! 

  • Reduce your payments by at least 32% (normally more).
  • Double or Triple your monthly spending money.
  • Let your home help pay bills for you.
  • Escape the government’s attempt to double your minimum credit card payments.
  • Make all your bills tax deductible (the CRA hates this).
  • Always know Exactly what your monthly payments will be.

Are you in this list?   If so, you’re just flushing your money down the toilet – For Nothing!

  1. You have a home mortgage payment that is bigger than you’d like.
  2. You have a home mortgage payment that increases unpredictably.
  3. You have a Home Equity Line Of Credit with a payment that keeps growing.
  4. You’re making minimum payments on your credit cards (and don’t want them to double!).
  5. You want more spending money every month… $500, $800, $1,000 or more.
  6. You want a chunk of CASH for investment or to build your business.
  7. You simply want lower payments, want some financial “Breathing Room”. Not just living to pay the bills.

It sure can feel discouraging. Like you’re being taken advantage of. I know, I was there. But…It’s Not Your Fault! 

The “Fat Cat” bankers push easy-to-get credit cards on you,…and almost force you to overspend. They give you a home mortgage you thought was fixed rate. They give you, what they said, was a low interest equity loan.  Then what do they turn around to do?  They start raising your payments on you!  Now wait a minute. It’s Not Fair!

Now you have unpredictable mortgage payments, rising interest rates, and unexpected credit card payment increases.

No breathing room what-so-ever! No money for anything other than payments – and, “sigh”,…No End In Sight!

But don’t panic. Because if you answered “YES” to any of the seven questions listed above, then I have some very Good News for you,…

Help is on the way! But the solution is hidden away where you’d least expect it,

The focus on the entire Home Finance Industry has changed

Most owners simply are not aware of all the creative, low-payment home financing programs that are available today. The gap between slowly rising incomes and rapidly rising home prices and consumer debt caused the home mortgage industry to develop new loan products to address the “Real” issue that home owners face today – Affordable Monthly Payments. I call them “Payment Relief” home mortgage programs.

The Lowest Rates do not equal The Lowest Payments

Not being an industry “Insider” like me, you would naturally think that the most important factor for getting a safe, low, affordable payment would be the interest rate. Not So! The real truth is… the lowest rate almost never gives you the lowest payment. But you wouldn’t know that unless you’re “In The Know” like I am. The interest rate may seem important… But the real fact is… it just doesn’t matter how low the rate is if you can’t afford the monthly payments.

The Magic is in the Payment Structure, not the Interest Rate!!!!

Plain and simple, these “Payment Relief” home loan programs are based on the concept of making “Below Normal” monthly payments. “Normal” meaning the kind of payment associated with the typical Fixed-Rate loan that you’re familiar with. If you simply compare the payments of a fixed rate loan at today’s rates to the payments of a “Payment Relief” loan, the “Payment Relief” payments will be at least 32% less. If you consolidate your credit cards, a Home Equity Line (if you have one), and maybe even your car payments as well… you can slash your total monthly payments to less than half what you’re paying now! Why pay more if you could pay less?

Do this quick exercise and You Won’t Sleep Tonight!

Add up your current home mortgage payment(s), your current car payment(s), and the minimum monthly payments on all your credit cards. Whatever all those payments add up to, your new “Payment Relief” loan payment would be Less Than Half of That!  That’s right! Less than half! Actually your new payment would be up to 60% less than the number you just came up with. So how much Extra Spending Money does that Free-Up for you? How much of a difference would that make to your current lifestyle?  What would you do with all that money??!! And why the heck are you paying it if you don’t have to?

Here’s what I’ve done for so many of our neighbors (just look at the attached testimonials).     Now… I’m offering to do the same for you!

  • Get rid of your unpredictable, high payment mortgage loan and equity line. Why suffer with unexpected payment increases when you can have a predictable, low payment, safe “Payment Relief” loan?
  • Wipe out all your credit card balances! Without bankruptcy, credit counseling, or damaging your credit in any way! You’ll even get better rates and higher limits as a result.
  • 1-2 months no bills to pay anyone! No mortgage, no car payments, no credit cards! Just think what that’ll save you. Some people save as much as $7,483.24 right there alone.
  • I’ll wipe out your car loans! And hand your car titles to you free and clear!  No more car payments!  Now you can say “It’s paid for”!
  • I’ll save you hundreds to thousands of dollars every month! Money you now throw down the toilet!  And not only that, but you’ll live better than you do now!
  • I’ll get you as much as $50,000 in CASH! While still saving you money each month!  I’ve even gotten folks more than that in the past! Some “only” want $10,000 in cash.  Or none at all!  Hey, it’s your choice.  Just tell me which way you want it!

“Some people ‘doubt’ me”!

“Well, they are the ones who are in a worse spot than they were last month!” 

I hate to point this out… But I gotta for you to really understand and be able to trust me completely!  And so that I can really help YOU!  It might not be “fair” or whatever, but I gotta point out this simple truth: I’ll be O.K. whether or not you call me for help! Question is, will YOU be O.K. if you don’t call me for help right now?

If you’re unsure, then there’s only one thing to do………

Call me right now at (905) 903-0012! Or you can get to me Email:at

I look forward to helping you too! 

Sincerely, your friend;


Jim Amitofski

Mortgage Broker

OK. JIM, I’m in!    I’m going to take the next step because I want to:

  • Reduce my monthly payments by 32% to 60%
  • Always know exactly what my payments will be
  • Drastically increase my monthly spending money
  • Go for the two month no payments on anything at all
  • Make all my bills Tax Deductible
  • Give myself some financial


********** Here’s all you have to do ************************ 

Simply call me at (905) 903-0012 for a Free, No Obligation “Payment Reduction Audit”. We’ll discuss your particular situation. I’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll determine whether or not a “Payment Relief” loan is right for you – before you commit to anything. 

P.S.  I only work with 15 clients per month. If I’m already booked, you have to wait.

P.S.S.S.  This is your opportunity to beat the bankers and the CRA!

NOTICE:  Everyone I help is required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep my proprietary methods and financing sources SECRET from the general public. You will be too!


Call Jim Amitofski at (905) 903-0012 OR Email:


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