1. 85% of all people in the USA use a mortgage broker and we are
catching up quickly here in Canada.

2. I shop the best rates and products from 70 different Banks, Credit
Unions and Trust Companies.

3. My services are free as the bank pays me a finder’s fee. The Industry is
changing and banks now have to compete for business, so they value our
referrals. Keep in mind, they spend millions of dollars operating their
many branches, plus internal staffing and layers of management, so they
can afford to offer deep discounts for the business we bring to them.

4. Isn’t it time the Banks compete for your mortgage business? You
wouldn’t get just one opinion from one doctor if your physical condition
were in question…why get just one opinion when your financial condition
is going through the most significant transaction of its life?

5. Your bank very rarely gives you the best rates and products. Most
homeowners renew their mortgage every four or five years automatically,
so they rarely receive the best rates and programs. The discounts I get I pass on to
you – whether you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing.

6. Our application process is simple and quick. I’ll just take a little info
and send it electronically to the lenders that I feel are the best fit for your
situation; I should have some feedback later that day or the next!

7. One of my best benefits is I’m available on your terms! Isn’t it
frustrating when a bank takes several days to get back to you, and then
you have to make your way through their endless voice mail boxes?

8. I take one credit bureau only and forward it to all the lenders!
Many people inadvertently disqualify themselves from getting the best rate
when they are shopping for a mortgage. When multiple banks pull a credit
bureau, your Beacon score drops every time, sometimes eliminating the
chance for the best mortgage or a mortgage at all!

9. There’s a mortgage product available for almost everyone now. When
a person’s situation isn’t ideal, there’s usually a story about why; maybe
they changed jobs, maybe they went through a divorce or another lifealtering
event and their credit was affected. It is my job to tell your story to
the lender that will qualify you.

10. I appreciate your business. I sincerely appreciate your business and
want to do a good job for you because I want all your family and friends
business in the future! (Has any bank employee ever told you that?)

11. I am a Professional Mortgage Broker with over 15 years of experience in the real estate financing field. Most bank employees are not certified and only
know about their own bank’s products and do not know and cannot advise
you to go to another lender where you can get qualified. You wouldn’t go
to your G.P. if you needed a specialist.

12. I work for you, not the banks. I don’t get paid unless I fund your
mortgage with a lender that is giving you the product you need and I have
no interest in getting the lender more interest on your mortgage, as the
higher the interest, the lower the amount I can qualify you for; clearly I
work in your best interests, not the lender’s.

13. Rate Protection. If the rates drop before you close you automatically get
the lower rate and if rates go up you have the lower rate locked in. The
last time you got pre-approved for a mortgage at a bank, did you get a
commitment letter? Did they offer you a rate protection like the one I can
secure for you?

14. Commitment Letter Every-time. I provide a commitment letter every time
so you can relax and be confident your mortgage financing is in place!

15. As a  professional mortgage broker; my team and I have the options for your particular situation!

Contact us anytime to discuss your particular situation….

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