What We Can Do For YOU!

With the new changes which has recently occurred; plus with the newer ones happening January 2018 you will need all the options available for your personal and business mortgage financing possible.


 WE GUARANTEE TO BEAT ANY BANK MORTGAGE – Call and Speak to Jim for Full Details on this offer and how YOU can benefit. 

Looking for the right answers to ALL your Residential and Commercial mortgage financing needs?

 ******When you buy a home with my real estate associates – WE GUARANTEE to beat any bank approved mortgage! Plus they will offer you a $500.00 gift card on completion of the Purchase. Contact us for full details.



Some of the services I offer:
– Residential FIRST mortgages up to 95%.
– Residential SECOND Mortgages up to 95%.
– Commercial mortgages up to 90% financing.
-Rent To Own programs if you do not get approved through regular financing.
– Mortgage packages and rates better then the banks.
– Private Mortgages available.
– Mortgages to buy a rental property with little or NO MONEY Down.
– Mortgages to CONSOLIDATE ALL your debts and have ONE LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT.
– Mortgages to STOP POWER OF SALE proceedings.
– Mortgages to payout property tax arrears.
– Mortgages to use equity in your home to expand your business.
– Mortgages for the Self Employed Professionals.
– Equity-take out mortgages to invest in high return investments.
– Re-establish credit with a credit card with $1000.00 security deposit.
– Mortgages to help with you children’s education or take a great vacation.


 Are you behind on your mortgage payments? 

  • Are you 1,2,3,4, or 5 months behind and is the lender about to take over your home?
  • Will your current mortgage lender not renew your mortgage?
  • Is the sheriff’s office knocking at your door?
  • Are creditors calling you night and day?
  • Is the Canada Revenue Agency coming after your home?
  • Is your property tax department proceeding with a tax sale?
  • Is the Retail or GST Tax department after you?
  • Have the banks and other lender’s turned YOU down?
  • Do you think there is no solution for you and your family?


  • I have the money to get you the help you need.
  • There are other solutions that I can offer if mortgage refinancing will not resolve your current issue. 

Do you need help?  Do you want help? 

Quick closings…. Quick process…. Honest help.

I am not here to judge, just help. 

Call me and I will show you how I can help.


 Tired of Throwing Your Money Away on Rent? 

“Discover How to Finally Stop Renting and Own a Home of Your Own… We make Home Ownership Really Easy!” 

“If you are not approved for a mortgage through normal channels then our Rent-To-Own program is an alternative to become a home owner sooner than later with as little as 3% of the Purchase Price.” 



DIRECT/TEXT: 905-903-0012

Toronto: 416-491-0200 ext. 732

Email: Info@NetworthMortgage.com                 

Website: www.NetworthMortgage.com

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