Tips on increasing real estate sales and options to traditional financing!

This areticle is a good read if you are looking for information on increasing the chances of selling your home for TOP DOLLAR! My real estate department is key on implementing a plan to ensure you get the top dollar for your home in a timely fashion. Some time the time to sell your home is because of pricing, the confition of the home, or just the overall market situation in your location. By and far as long as the home is presented in a pleasing fashion and the home is priced accordingly then you will have a greater chance of succes of selling your home for wwhat you are asking for. Read this articel, it has some nice information:

For the buyer on a side note…if you are looking to buy but only have the min of 5% and maybe have some credit issues and the banks wll not approve you then possibly my mortgage firms program Rent To Own will be good for you. This will allow you to be a homeowner sooner then later. It is set up where you can buy the home you want with as little as 5% of the purchase price and then structure it will you have the home in your name after a period of 2 to 5 years based on the program you are signed up with. Check out for full details and how this is a benefit for families looking to live in a home of their dreams sooner then later.

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