Real Estate Outlook — Not too bad!!!

 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation have issued reports indicating this year will end almost on par with last year and that there will be some modest increases for 2013.
It is forecasted, 2012 will finish within 1% of 2011 with sales of 454,000 existing homes and it predicts that will hold steady for 2013.

In its third-quarter outlook CMHC comes in slightly higher at 457,400
homes and projects more than 461,000 sales next year. The Crown Corporation also
tracks new home construction and is putting housing starts in the range of
214,000 this year. It expects starts to fall to 194,000 for 2013.

It is forecasted that home price increases of between 1% and 1.5% for 2013.

Check out this link for full details:

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