Helping is what do in real estate and mortgage financing!

Well…had a meeting with my team of mortgage and real estate professionals. I have indicated to them the way we are to be the best is to give our clients the best. Right nopw on the real estate side I have told myteam what needs to be done with respect to the real estate and mortgage side of my group of companies I am leading.

On the real estate side we offer:

1) Marketing package next to none to expose their home to get the top dollar. We not only use our explosive on line presence I also have them using my over 100 contacts in the real estate field to sell our properties as fast and for as much as possible to get our clients TOP dollar.

2) We take the requirements of our clients for the next home for them and find them the property that fits their want list. Once we have got a small list of properties that fit their critera we aim for the best property to choose.

3) Next I tell my real estate professionals to use my secrets through the years of real estate to the test and use my negotiating secrets to get the client the property for the BEST price for that property.

4) After this…it happens…the clients are happy both on the selling of their property and/or the buying of the property that they want,

We make it that simple…..


On the mortgage we offer:

1) The best mortgage product for their particular neds from the over 150 bank lenders and private lenders I have accumulated throughout the years of being in the mortgage business.

2) I then tell my mortgage professionals to ensure they follow my knowlege I teach them to sit down and ensure they get the whole picture from the client to esure the client is fully taken care of from star to finish.

3) After they have the full story from the client…I tell them to fully work the request from the client whether it be for a purchase, refinance, renewal, debt conolidation, equity take out, or solution to a power of sale mortgage to work it in an effective and effecient time frame to get the results the client(s) deserve for each and every customer.

Once this is done the client is not only happy but they are so happy that they will referr all of their friends, family, colleagues, and aquaintances to our firm for all their mortgage financing needs.

Our business is about making the customer happy and when the customer is happy then we have reached our goal of customer appreciation in working with our firm. 

Give us a call if you have any questions with respect to your real estate and mortgage needs. We will ensure that your rquests are taken care of in full. 

Email or 416-431-6662 or visit our website at

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