Looking for the right answers to ALL your Residential and Commercial mortgage financing needs? 

– Residential Mortgages up to 100% financing (95% financing with a 5% cash back).
– Commercial mortgages up to 90% financing.
– Mortgages to buy a home with NO MONEY Down. OR
Rent To Own programs if you do not get approved through regular financing.
– Residential First mortgages up to 100% (95% financing with a 5% cash back).
– Residential Second Mortgages up to 95%.
– Mortgage packages and rates better then the banks.
– Private Mortgages available.
– Mortgages to buy a rental property with NO MONEY Down.
– Mortgages to consolidate your debts and have one low monthly payment.
– Mortgages to Stop Power of Sale proceedings.
– Mortgages to payout property tax arrears.
– Mortgages to use equity in your home to expand your business.
– Mortgages for the Self Employed Professionals.
– Equity-take out mortgages to invest in high return investments.
– Re-establish credit with a credit card with $1000.00 security deposit.
– Mortgages to help with you children’s education or take a great vacation.
– Much , much more.

Are you a homeowner?  Is your mortgage TAX DEDUCTABLE?

Call me to show you the huge tax savings that are available to YOU! 

Are you behind on your mortgage payments?

 Are you 1,2,3,4, or 5 months behind and is the lender about to take over your home?

Will your current mortgage lender not renew your mortgage?

Is the sheriff’s office knocking at your door?

Are creditors calling you night and day?

 Is the Canada Revenue Agency coming after your home?

Is your property tax department proceeding with a tax sale?

Is the Retail or GST Tax department after you?

Have the banks and other lender’s turned YOU down?

Do you think there is no solution for you and your family?


  • I have the money to get you the help you need.
  • There are other solutions that I can offer if mortgage refinancing will not resolve your current issue. 

Do you need help?  Do you want help?  

Quick closings…. Quick process…. Honest help. 

I am not here to judge, just help. 

Call me and I will show you how I can help.

Tired of Throwing Your Money Away on Rent? 

“Discover How to Finally Stop Renting and Own a Home of Your Own… Even If You Don’t Have a Penny For A Down Payment!”

 “If you are not approved for a mortgage through normal channels then our Rent-To-Own program is an alternative to become a home owner sooner than later.”

Introducing a FREE Home Buyer Information Booklet exclusively for renters who are tired of making their landlord rich and who want a fail-proof plan for home ownership. 


  • Little-known strategies for buying a home with little or no down payment
  • How to turn your rent payment into a comfortable mortgage payment
  • Tips for finding the “perfect” home for you
  • Deadly mistakes most first time buyers make and how to avoid them
  • How our Rent-To-Own program can make you a home owner sooner then later 

Email us a Free Report Request at info@NetworthMortgage.com

 Feel Free to Meet for a FREE NO OBLIGATION Discussion of Your Mortgage Needs 

Don’t Miss This Opportunity To Learn How To Get Into A Home Of Your Own



Why Are We Doing This For Renters?: 

Jim Amitofski is the Mortgage Broker / Owner of Networth Mortgage Centre and he has many years of experience assisting renters to become home owners. Jim Amitofski is an advocate for educating renters on the options available to become home owners. Jim Amitofski has developed an informative package and offers free advice that helps renters to get into a home of their own and build their overall net worth. He has demonstrated to hundreds, how to turn their rent payment into a comfortable mortgage payment and avoid the deadly mistakes most first time home buyers make. Jim Amitofski promises to educate buyers and provide them with the necessary tools to purchase a home in this busy market with ease and confidence. 

Jim Amitofski, BROKER,AMP


Mortgage Broker/Owner

Accredited Mortgage Professional


 Toronto: 416-431-6662 ext.1       
Durham: 905-903-0012

Email: jimamitofski@NetworthMortgage.com                    

Website: www.NetworthMortgage.com

Blog: www.NetworthMortgage.Wordpress.com

Check me out on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/jetmir.jim.amitofski

Follow me on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/jimamitofski 

 “ Dealing with a professional mortgage broker, licensed and registered with the Financial Commission of Ontario makes you aware that you are dealing with a mortgage professional monitored and regulated by the government who has exceeded the education requirements to deal in mortgage financing and working with your best interest in mind”. 

“Why deal with just a mortgage agent when you can deal with the Principle Broker/Owner who has the education, experience, knowledge, and negotiating skills looking out for a great mortgage for all your mortgage financing needs.”

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