Financial picture outlook!!!???

Well as it can be seen that gas has decreased in the lowest in a few years to about 4 cents less per litre. They say it is because of the low demand because of what has happened in Japan. You know this is not a good thing to see a country like Japan have this happen to. But the thing that amazes me is the courage by the the prople there getting together doing what needs to be done to stabalize the situation. My hats off to them.

On a side note here our our current mortgage rates:

1 year fixed .64%…2 year fixed 3.30%…3 year fixed 3.35%…4 year fixed 3.69%…5 year fixed 3.70%…5 year 30 day close fixed 3.59%…Variable Rate Mortgage Prime – .95 = 2.05%

All the best and keep a positive look on this dreary rainy day.


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