Here in the Toronto, Durham, and Surrounding Area, thousands of homeowners are turned down for loans each year by the banks, for various reasons – often arbitrary or very restrictive lending policies. If you aren’t a “perfect fit” with the bank “formula”, you are turned down! 

However, Jim Amitofski, a Mortgage Broker who is an Accredited Mortgage Professional with Dominion Lending Centres – Altra Inc. in the Toronto, Durham, and Surrounding region, and a homeowner himself, says that many of these people turned down by the banks are credit worthy. In fact, he says,There is a loan for just about everybody. Whether you want to buy a home with little or no money down, or you want to get rid of a drawer full of high interest bills, improve your financial position, clean up your credit or  just have more expendable cash each month for your family, there are solutions for you.

Now, for the first time, Jim is offering detailed FREE INFORMATION that reveal Secrets No Banker Wants You to Know!

A Specialist in “Difficult to Make” Loans……Mr. Amitofski and his team of mortgage lending specialists have stepped in (where the bankers have fallen short) to assist you to:

1.      Purchase a Home of Your Own. Jim Amitofski helps families reach their dream of home ownership. His specialty is helping people buy with Little or NO MONEY DOWN, and to help those with Less than Perfect Credit.

2.  Help Homeowners who may have credit problems like tax liens, high debt ratios, too many monthly overdue bills, previous bankruptcies, divorce and so on. In most cases Jim can find or design a refinance program to help such a person pay-off their bills, improve their credit and save them money each month.

3. Qualify for a loan even if you have no income verification. Self-employed people are often rejected by banks but we have programs that require no proof of income.

 How to Get More Info:

Those wanting more information can call, email. make an appointment to meet with Jim to discuss your particular situation. 

Jim Amitofski, BROKER, AMP,BFP,LFP

Toronto: 416-431-6662 ext.1

Durham: 905-903-0012






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